Software Application Development

Software Applications have helped many industry leaders increase productivity and raise bottom line. If you are like most software product companies or independent software vendor, one of your business objectives would be to keep a check on overall software development & testing life cycle, software support, further enhancements and functionality to make more business sense for your customers without overshooting your budget. By taking advantage of outsourcing of your applications development and support you join the group of businesses that have grown on the strengths of IT outsourcing to offshore locations like Mumbai, India.

Offshore Software Development

En Interactive is a software development company dealing in custom application development, support and consultancy activities. We use appropriate software development platforms, software application development tools as well as employ latest project management techniques and software engineering practices to provide the client with Software Application that actually works!

We feel proud and confident since we have top class software application development professionals like project managers, software engineers and programmers, testers and designers with exclusive skill sets.

Our Software Development Outsourcing services includes:

  • Custom application development & programming.
  • Customizing packaged solutions to the specific business requirements of each enterprise.
  • Pre-project consulting to determine needs and requirements.
  • Implement, support, and enhance created products.

In other words, whatever your software application needs, and whatever level of business automation you currently have, we can provide you with professional support. En Interactive specialists have many years’ experience in software project development, and can guarantee high quality software products.

Our expertise in developing solutions for our customers’ needs encompasses a large number of operating environments. These include traditional Windows and Linux based desktop systems.

We develop solutions in all the major programming languages like C/C++, VC++, VB, VB.NET, C# and other scripting languages.



C / C++ Software Applications

Software Application Development in C & C++ En Interactive has been providing C and C++ programming services since its inception in 2001. We are focusing on this development technology as it is proven to be one of the fastest RAD – rapid…

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.net Application Development Service

Microsoft .NET With the introduction of .net Framework Microsoft revolutionized the programming and deployment of applications. The .net framework enables heterogeneous systems and applications to coordinate in ways never imagined. Microsoft’s .net framework brings a development environment in which one can built,…

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Development Methodologies

Agile is software development methodology. It is very effective where client frequently changes his requirement. Since it has more iteration so you can assure a solution that meets client’s requirement and it has more than one build deployment for a project. It also involves more client interaction and testing effort. Learn more

SCRUM is a specialized version of agile project management methodologies. In Scrum each iteration is called a scrum, Here iteration period can be a 1-2 Months. A client priorities his requirements what he want first. If developer did not meets all the requirement which was being fixed for a particular scrum than rest of the development part would be transferred to the next scrum (would be delivered in the next build), means developer can’t increase time decided for a scrum. It’s fixed. Learn more

Extreme Programming (XP) is a software development methodology which is intended to improve software quality and responsiveness to changing customer requirements. In Extreme Programming (XP) iteration period would be less than in scrum, which is being 2-4 weeks. Learn more

How do you find a company who understands your business and shares your passion?

Whether you are a startup or an established industry player looking to leverage the power of outsourcing to remain in the play, look to En Interactive.

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