Offshore Development Center

Offshore Development & Business Process Outsourcing is about reducing the costs usually involved with software development operations by hiring highly specialized personnel located in a low-cost environment, such as India. Lower software development costs imply a smaller price for your product, and a better position on the market for your company.

En Interactive achieves a cost-effective solution by placing its business process operations into an economical environment that dramatically reduces the costs involved with the entire offshore IT outsourcing process. From this point of view, you can expect a savings level up to 70% of your regular cost.

In the end, you’ll notice that by building your own offshore development center, you get access to a very valuable resource pool of highly skilled and experienced IT professionals, who are able to guarantee world-class quality of developments at an affordable price. And when you’ll discover the rest of the advantages, you’ll find that setting up your own offshore development center can be a rewarding business and a pleasant experience at the same time.

If you’re looking for an affordable, low-risk way to build and manage a sound, profitable business or an e-business or looking for “Research & Development” to remain in the play but, want to reduce your burn, look to En Interactive.


We’ll help you get there on time, in budget and with satisfaction.

Offshore development for start up company

If you are a start-up company, we can help you substantially reduce your initial system setup cost in terms of real estate, hardware, software and manpower. Our offshore development model allows you to achieve your goals at a fraction of market cost and still obtain the expertise and quality needed to setup a highly effective system that addresses your needs without any compromise.

Reduced IT costs will allow funds to be funneled to other key initiatives, which are crucial to any start-up organization. Time is also a critical factor to a start-up company. By using our fully established infrastructure and resources, you can bring products and services to market faster and more efficiently. En Interactive is confident that it can help develop and nurture your company’s vision into a viable and successful business venture.

Offshore development for established players

Established organizations needing to expand their technical staffing, in order to meet market demand, will also be greatly benefit from the setting up their offshore development center with En Interactive.

We can offer established organizations a partnership benefit that results in reduced overhead costs and the ability to address any increasing demands your IT department may experience. We have a wide array of skills in our offshore facilities to address any situation that our clients may need.

With this innovative approach to design and development, both start-up and established companies can move resources off the balance sheet & benefit substantially.

How do you find a company who understands your business and shares your passion?

Whether you are a startup or an established industry player looking to leverage the power of outsourcing to remain in the play, look to En Interactive.

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