Customer Support Services

En Interactive offers customer care and customer support services for both technical as well as non-technical products & services, which enable you to deliver high quality support to your customers at optimal costs. Customer service requirements come in all shapes and forms, so we adapt our solutions to the right fit for your business. We blend highly qualified professionals and top-of-the-line knowledge resources to deliver a world-class, knowledge-centric support experience to you & your customers.

Remote Server Administration

Our remote server administration service plans offer a cost-effective alternative to a Linux and Windows System Administrator. En Interactive provides comprehensive monitoring and administration service that can save you money, increase your efficiency, and most importantly, keep your systems humming along. En Interactive offers remote support at affordable prices.

Enterprise Content Management

One of the biggest challenges companies face today is to manage unstructured content i.e. the information which is lying outside the databases. In fact the unstructured content makes up for more than 70% of the information that resides in the organization.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

En Interactive is a Business Process Outsourcing Company providing quality Accounting and Bookkeeping services. We offer Offshore Accounting services to number of Accountants, Companies and Institutions across India, USA, UK, Canada & Europe.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Knowledge process can be defined as high added value processes chain where the achievement of objectives is highly dependent on the skills, domain knowledge and experience of the people carrying out the activity. And when this activity gets outsourced a new business activity emerges, which is generally known as Knowledge Process Outsourcing.

How do you find a company who understands your business and shares your passion?

Whether you are a startup or an established industry player looking to leverage the power of outsourcing to remain in the play, look to En Interactive.

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