Hire Dedicated Developer / Professionals

En Interactive enables you to pick and choose the developers that you want to work with. It gives you access to the right kind of skills that you need to make your business run. If you're like most businesses, you have neither the time to spend nor the staff to keep up with the latest technological development. Now, with your own offshore office you have a team of skilled IT professionals at your beck and call.

In simple words, the hiring a dedicated developer or a skilled resource gives you access to professionals who work exclusively for you from our fully managed facilities based in India.

With your own offshore office you enjoy the cost-cutting (upto 70%), timesaving benefits of doing business offshore without the risks associated with traditional vendor outsourcing. It's your business, your staff.

Key Features

  • Experienced industry professionals.
  • Up to date, relevant skills.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Advanced academic degrees.
  • Management maturity.
  • Low manpower fluctuation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ok, so I can save a lot of my development cost...

What other benefits do I get from offshore development service?

Besides a financial advantage that will place you in front of your competitors, other decisive benefits that make offshore programming such a rewarding business for all parts involved are the guaranteed level of staffing and the guaranteed level of experience.

This can spare you from a lot of trouble - you must admit that creating a reliable team is really a time consuming process. That's why when you choose to go offshore; you will get rid of all the problems that are typically involved with the process of writing software, because the team manager handles them for you within the project management stage.

It is just like the offshore company becomes an extension to your office, but all bothering things are left outside. In fact, the only things you have to care about are the key moments of the development process, so that you can easily track the evolution of your project and make changes, if necessary. You can usually do this via email, chat and phone, or, if you want, you can even take one short visit to the remote facilities and see for yourself how things are going on.

Another advantage coming from moving your software development operations offshore is that it determines significant savings on staff and equipment, giving you the possibility to concentrate more on the business part, in order to reduce risk and gain a better position on the market. For example, you no longer need to train your own people and update their skills for using a certain technology; instead, simply ask for an offshore team that is already experienced with that kind of application development.

The advent of the internet age combined with the increased quality and speed of worldwide communications systems means that anything that you want to develop can be undertaken anywhere on the globe as easily as if your team were in your own office.

Wait a minute... I think there's a catch! 

You say this service is just like having my own staff... So, do I have to take care of their other requirements like travel, relocation or temporary housing expenses? and what about their sick leaves and insurances?

No, you just need to pay for the time they work for you. Why worry about staff benefits, personnel management, pensions, health and safety? Why worry about redundancy pay? We can do all that for you, leaving you to concentrate on developing cutting edge software solutions for your business.

Our developers can be hired on a flexible basis, ensuring that you get the development team you need, when you need it. Let us worry about the details and free you to see the big picture.

How do you find a company who understands your business and shares your passion?

Whether you are a startup or an established industry player looking to leverage the power of outsourcing to remain in the play, look to En Interactive.

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