Inbound & Outbound Call Center Service

While the push towards non-voice related channels might be extremely high, voice continues to remain the top area of service interaction. The experience delivered to customers while they are looking for of requesting service is extremely vital. Hold and response time do become important in impacting customer delight. For an outsourced call center, inbound services should be seamless, completely transparent to your customers, an extension of your company.

We offer many different inbound answering and outbound services solutions, each one customized to meet the unique needs of the individual client. These services enable us to help companies just like yours build a larger customer or client base, increase revenue, and ensure greater retention and loyalty. Our agents can take care of your diverse customer care and support needs, such as: respond to billing and general inquiries; handle disputes; process payment, applications, and orders; handle reservations, appointment setting, cancellations and returns; and general customer support, among others.

Inbound Call Center Services

Our comprehensive suite of inbound call center services includes:

  • Take orders over the phone, as well as cross-sell products and services.
  • Manage and answer customer inquiries.
  • Provide a customer information line.
  • Offer a product recall service, if ever necessary.
  • Answer calls after-hours or when other operators are busy.
  • Provide help-desk support to customers, relating to products or services.
  • Provide share information centers.

Outbound Call Center Services

Our comprehensive suite of outbound call center services includes:

  • Emergency Messaging and Dispatching
  • Surveys and Customer Contact Programs
  • Lead Generation
  • Outbound Appointment Scheduling
  • List Cleansing
  • Mail Follow-Up and Soft Sale Calling
  • Market Research
  • Subscription Renewals and Sales
  • Third-Party Verification Services
  • And a vast selection of additional advanced Web Site and Help Desk Services!

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