Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing services is aimed to help companies promote their brand and market their products & services through online social marketing media. The Social media marketing is a growing trend and a powerful online medium which is effectively used as a search engine marketing and optimization tool.

Social Media Marketing combines the goals of internet marketing with social media sites such as Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, Digg, Flickr, MySpace, YouTube, WordPress, Bloggerand many others blogging sites.

En Interactive has redefining Social Media Marketing with a powerful strategy that provides online businesses with the complete Social Media Automation system over Social Media landscape. We provide end-to-end services that involve complete strategy implementation right from the network set up. It’s your complete Social-Media-Promotion system for your Business needs.

Social Media Optimization Services

Social media marketing is not a one-way communication or a commenting platform. It is the place where newsworthy two-way conversations happen between the real audience and you. We mix our SEO strategies with SMO to render you maximal exposure online. Our distinctive methods of Social media optimization include adding up RSS feeds, adding a “Digg this” or “Tweet it in Twitter” buttons to company articles, blogging and integrating third party community functionalities such as YouTube videos, Flickr photo slides, Photo/Video galleries.

Our SMO services include:

  • Creating Social Media profiles (MySpace, Facebook, VIRB, etc)
  • Writing and/or participating in Blogs
  • Orchestrating RSS feeds
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Creating and/or monitoring message boards, forums, or other groups

Social Media Marketing Services

Positioning your business on social networks to improve online brand visibility, brand protection / reputation management, leads and /or sales generation and increase quality inbound links. Social Media Marketing is the easy way to access the real audience. The visitors share their reviews about a product/service and recommend the site to others through Social media websites. More the number of reviews, faster the word spreads. This helps you increase the popularity of your brand and increase the number of loyal visitors to your website.

Some of the major social media marketing services we offers are:

  • Social media profile creation and management (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr etc.)
  • Facebook Advertisement
  • Social bookmarking
  • Social media audit
  • Social media optimization
  • Optimized blog development, design, maintenance and promotion
  • Brand management using social media monitoring
  • Community building and monitoring
  • LinkedIn Direct Ads
  • Social media distribution

Benefits of Social Media Optimization:

  • Helps create brand awareness in the social networks.
  • Better Targeting
  • Works better than online ad campaigns
  • Increase in Traffic
  • Create buzz or word of mouth about your Products and Services
  • More visibility and accessibility of your business
  • Multiply inbound links
  • Achieve higher search engine rankings
  • Drives good quality traffic to your website from social networking websites.
  • Assists in boosting link popularity and gaining non-reciprocal links.
  • Build recognizable identity or branding for your products and services
  • Form relationships with current customers as well as potential customers, employees or business partners